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Some Of My Favorite Works I've Found!


Journal History

For StrawberryStar123 And Oddballs-Of-Smash 
Kamiwaza Wanda- Takara Tomy
All OCs I Mention- StrawberryStar123 

ChibiPromin And KawaiiPromin
Attribute- Cute/Kawaii (可愛い)

ChibiPromin Used To Be A Social Outcast- At Half The Height Of The Average Promin, She Found It A Little Bit Hard To Find Herself And Make Some Friends. Her Life Changed When She Met KawaiiPromin, With Whom She's Now Friends With. As Promin, They See To It That Babies, Puppies, Kittens, And Other Cute Things Break The Internet. They Haven't Been Bugmin Yet, And Don't Want To Be!

Frostmin, The Promin Warchief 
Attribute- Warchief/Daishikyō (大司教)

Frostmin Fought Alongside Wanda, The Space Dog During The Promin/Bugmin Wars. Her Affinity With Ice Is Why Bugmin Fear Her And Promin Respect Her. When She Crashlanded On Earth, She Always Moved Foward And Trusted Nobody Until She Heard About Yuuto, In Which She Saw A New Friend.

Attribute- Oddball/Otogibanashi (

Ramenmin Is A Promin Who Has A Noticeable Craving For Noodles. As A Promin, He's Responsible If You Ever Feel The Need To Get Up And Cook Some Good Old Fashioned Spaghetti
. As A Bugmin, He'll Make You Wish Noodles Didn't Exist. Herbmin And Soulmin Hate It When People Curse The Existence Of Noodles Because They Think Noodles Are A Rather Versatile Food.

Attribute- Music/Ongaku (

She's A Promin Witn Very Specific Music Preferences. She Likes Eurobeat Music, And Her Music Style Resembles Eurobeat. As A Promin, She Helps People Appreciate Eurobeat Music. As A Bugmin, However, She'll Play Eurobeat Music That Gives Its Listeners Splitting Headaches.

I Made 5 More Promin OCs For You, StrawberryStar123! It Took Me A While To Make The Bios For Them. I Made Ramenmin And The Oddball Promin Attribute Mostly For The Oddballs-Of-Smash, Because I Think They Deserve Much More Respect And Recognition Than They're Getting. 

ChibiPromin And KawaiiPromin- Hello There! ^u^

Frostmin- Hmm... What Are The Bugmin Up To?

Ramenmin- What's Your Opinion On Noodles? I Want To Know What You Think.

Eurobeatmin- *Is Listening To Her Music*

For StrawberryStar123 
Kamiwaza Wanda- Takara Tomy

Attribute- Cooking/Ryōri (料理)

Coming From A Long Line Of Healing Promin, Herbmin Disappointed Her Father, 
MedicinalHerbmin, When She Told Him That The Job Of A Medic Was Too Stressing For Her, Opting Instead To Be A Cook. As A Promin, Herbmin Brings Satisfaction In The Taste Of One's Cooking. As A Bugmin, Herbmin Plauges You With The Feeling That There's Something Off About Your Friend's Cooking, And As A Consequence, You'll Seek Ways To Improve It.

Attribute- Cooking/Ryōri

Braizermin Is A Promin That Gives Cooking With Fire A New Meaning- As A Promin, People Are More Likely To Go Outside And Grill Hot Dogs And Burgers(Like My Family Does Sometimes.). As A Bugmin, Braizermin Will Make Sure All Efforts To Avoid Slightly Charring Your Food Are Rendered Invalid. In Order To Stay Alive, Braizermin Must Be Accompanied By Charcoalmin.

Attribute- Fire/Kasai (火災)

Charcoalmin Know Fire Magic And Are Also Famous For Their Efforts In Keeping Braizermin Alive. They Say That Keeping Braizermin Alive Is Dangerous Work, But They Know What They Signed Up For. The Behavior Of A Charcoalmin Stays The Same, Even If They Become Bugmin. Nobody Knows Why.

Atttibute- Water/Mizu (

LilyPadmin Is A Rather Shy Promin Who Has An Affinity With Water And With Frogs. As A Promin, She Makes People Comfortable Around Frogs. As A Bugmin, She'll Make You Scared Of Frogs, Even If Your Friends And Family Say They Don't Pose A Threat. LilyPadmin Is Sometimes Accompanied By Frogs, And Can Also Turn Into A Lily Pad And Back At Will.

Attribute- Medicine/Igaku (

For As Long As MedicinalHerbmin Can Remember, He's Been A Promin Doctor, Researching And Putting Into Practice Remedies For What Ails Humans And His Fellow Promin. As A Bugmin, However, MedicinalHerbmin Makes People And Promin Around Him Get Sick. Sickened Promin Have A Chance To Become Bugmin, But Can Be Cleansed If MedicinalHerbmin Is Found And Cleansed First. 

Here You Go, StrawberryStar123. You Asked For One Promin OC, And You Got 5. I Even Made Up Promin Attributes To Match The Theme Of Each Of My Promin OCs.

Herbmin- Hello There! I Don't Have Much Time To Talk. Braizermin And I Made Pizza.

Braizermin- We're The Best Promin Cooks Around. Everyone! Eat Up!

Charcoalmin- I'm Still Doing My Job, Keeping Braizermin Alive.

LilyPadmin- People Are So Strange To Me... >~<

LilyPadmin's Frog- *Ribbit*

MedicinalHerbmin- The Doctor's In. If You Need Any Medical Attention, Please Do Let Me Know.
For Oddballs-Of-Smash And KuroshiruChan 
Super Smash Bros- Nintendo

I Was Playing As Mr. Game And Watch On Classic Mode. My Ally Was Pit, And I Was Fighting Against Shulk And Captain Falcon On Guar Plain. Here's The First Thing I Did- I Used Mr. Game And Watch's Down Tilt On Shulk, And Since I Was At The Top Of The Map With Him, Wound Up Screen KOing Him.
I Hope You Had A Great Easter This Year.

People I'd Like To Mention- 
For CerisBeech 
ProjectPop- CerisBeech 
All OCs I Mention- Mine, CerisBeech 

Species- Human
Gender- Female
Signature Move- Tritsch Tratsch Flurry
Title- Symphonic Warrior
Affinity- Inspiration/Music
Favorite Food- Bellpepper
Good Point- Almost Never Gets Goaded Into Fighting.
Bad Point- Is Clumsy.
Likes- Her Music
Dislikes- BADD Or Their Affiliates 

Species- Symph
Gender- Female
Signature Moves- Calm-Down Song And Sour Note Storm
Title- Ally Of The Symphonic Warrior
Affinity- Music
Favorite Food- Chocolate 
Good Point- Helps Harmony Calm Down When She Gets Angry, Which Is Something Harmony's Friends Appreciate.
Bad Point- Is Scared Easily By Sudden Noises And Sometimes Overprotective Of Harmony.
Likes- Harmony's Music
Dislikes- Seeing Harmony Get Hurt

Harmony Was 9 When BADD Attacked Her Village. She Was The Only Survivor Of The Fighting, And To Avoid Capture, She Ran Into A Nearby Forest, Where She Discovered The Symph Village. (Symph Are Spirits That Personify Music And Inspiration.) Chorale And Harmony Met That Same Day. After Chlorale Gave Harmony The Tome Of Symphony, The Source Of Philharmonic Music Type Magic, They Traveled The World, Trying To Stop BADD Whenever They Tried To Spread Their Influence. Harmony And Chlorale Specialize In Magic That Heals Them, Deals Damage, And Dispels Bad Status Effects.


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